Vision with Courage! All is Peace!

A vision worth pursuing is that which appears impossible to achieve.” Pastor E. A. Adeboye

My vision is to be United Nations Secretary General someday. I have always wanted to help the downtrodden and those suffering. As a citizen of the world, I would require a global platform to achieve this. It will not be enough to help in an organization, country or region. It has to be at a global level.

While this may appear impossible to some, I will proceed with my plans, as the Nigerian Philosopher in his usual sublime style posited “Unperturbed, Undisturbed, and Incognito” Olusegun Obasanjo (My Watch).

If not for any other reason, having big dreams makes you ignore a lot of happenings around you. It helps you watch with comic relief those who think they are competing with you, for things you consider nothing. It makes all the backbiting, evil plots, maliciousness, and spite, bearable.

What is that big dream of yours? Remember that according to the Nigerian Philosopher, there are two types of people in the world: ““From my experience so far in the world, I came to realise that generally and basically, there are two types of people in the world: those afraid to lose and those eager to win. The one afraid to lose tends to be reticent, laid back, unenterprising, and unadventurous. He will manufacture reasons for not attempting, or for attempting and failing. He sees more of failure than success in every endeavour. The one eager to win is the exact opposite. He recognises an opportunity and grabs it with both hands. He never says fail.” Excerpt from Olusegun Obasanjo, My Watch; and related article:

We are now sending a scout to Rome; but no man sends a cowardly scout, who, if he only hears a noise and sees a shadow anywhere, comes running back in terror and reports that the enemy is close at hand. So now if you should come and tell us: “Fearful is the state of affairs at Rome; terrible is death; terrible is exile; terrible is calumny; terrible is poverty; fly, my friends, the enemy is near,” we shall answer: “Begone, prophesy for yourself; we have committed only one fault, that we sent such a scout.” Excerpt from The discourses of Epictetus (Translated by George Long)

A Dove: symbol of peace Source: Google Images Clip Art

Please read more on courage versus fear from Socrates and Epictetus here:

Key point of all this? No vision is too big or impossible! You just need to be “spiritual and philosophical” about this to see!

Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher