On Ecclesiastical Principalities with Princes and Princesses

Such principalities only are secure and happy. But being upheld by powers, to which the human mind cannot reach, I shall speak no more of them, because, being exalted and maintained by God, it would be the act of a presumptuous and rash man to discuss them.”

Excerpt From
The Prince
Niccolò Machiavelli

Machiavelli states the above to describe the security of priests in formal religious set ups. For me though I interpret it differently, as perhaps Machiavelli himself the author of the above did not grasp the true power of Ecclesiastical Principalities as it applies to every individual who believes. Such individuals who believe, are most secure in this world, with no chance of being harmed by any other human. As Machiavelli stated, it’s a phenomenon that’s transcends human understanding. This phenomenon must be what the Nigerian Philosopher meant when he implored us, in his sublime manner, to be “spiritual and philosophical!”

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Epictetus, unlike Machiavelli, grasped the full import of this, and that was why he found it comical that people boast of human connections in the highest places on earth rather than boasting of kinship with the Most High!

“…He that hath grasped the administration of the World, who hath learned that this Community, which consists of God and men, is the foremost and mightiest and most comprehensive of all:—that from God have descended the germs of life, not to my father only and father’s father, but to all things that are born and grow upon the earth, and in an especial manner to those endowed with Reason (for those only are by their nature fitted to hold communion with God, being by means of Reason conjoined with Him)—why should not such an one call himself a citizen of the world? Why not a son of God? Why should he fear aught that comes to pass among men? Shall kinship with Caesar, or any other of the great at Rome, be enough to hedge men around with safety and consideration, without a thought of apprehension: while to have God for our Maker, and Father, and Kinsman, shall not this set us free from sorrows and fears?…”

Excerpts from The Golden Sayings of Epictetus. Translated by Hastings Crossley

Never fear what men can do, but always remember you are a prince/princess. Just be spiritual and philosophical and you will come to this realization.

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Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher