Resources – with Adam Smith, Lucretius & Plato

Adam Smith – The Father of Economics

Adam Smith with the title of Father of Economics says, resources are scarce, but I would say that depends on what you believe. Is the universe finite? If yes, then resources are finite. Is the universe infinite? Then resources are infinite.

“… Clearly matter’s not compressed into one heap, because we notice things becoming less , and we perceive that, over time, everything ebbs and wanes, and old age steals them from our sight, while yet the sum remains undiminished. This is because particles that go from one shrinking object cause another thing to grow, making the former shrivel up, while making the latter flower, never lingering. Thus the sum of things is every hour renewed (compare this with the law of Conservation of Mass-Energy in physics that states that matter can neither be created nor destroyed but is only transformed from one form to another), and thus, in order to thrive, all mortal creatures need each other….

… and there’s no bottom to the universe, since space does not have limits, but is endless. As I have already taught and proved with reason irrefutable, it opens wide and far in all directions, measureless on every side.”

Excerpts from

The Nature of Things


The Deep Blue Sea

In his poem, Lucretius is of the opinion that countless atoms account for everything in the universe. Furthermore, I would say resources are also limitless, and it is just a question of knowing where to find them. Opportunities abound and one wonders why people fight over only a few. Why fight for a position in the workplace when you can create a new one? Nations are at war, and many have said limited resources in the world is responsible for this, I would rather attribute it to limited vision; for the resources men fight over today, will become obsolete tomorrow. Meanwhile they would have destroyed the only true precious resources in the world – human lives – in their quests. For gold and silver are just what they are, gold and silver – mere stones.

The short lifespan of man, no matter how long a man lives, is like a flash in the pan in the big scheme of things, mere vapor, thus resources available to us are limitless no matter your belief. We can be whatever we want to be. Anything!!! It’s about believing and doing! When you plan to do something, start it, stop procrastinating, it may not be perfect but you would have made progress and learnt valuable lessons. Remember Sun Tzu in the art of war said he had heard of haste which was foolish, but never of delay which was wise.

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You can be anything you want to be, just believe, be courageous, go out and succeed!

Dr Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher