Strike the Shepherd… (with King Darius)

… and the sheep will scatter.

In recent times, this quote from the Book of Zechariah, has been made popular by Robert Greene, the author of the 48 Laws of Power.

As this strategy is no secret, one may erroneously think it is no longer effective. However, this is one of the strategies most in use nowadays, consciously or unconsciously. It is one one of the major strategies whose use makes it seem like the fight against evil in this world is hopeless. This is because this strategy is much more employed by the evil against the good than vice versa. I would say it’s because the good, are constantly ignorant of the venom of the evil and the extent to which they would go. The good are usually under the delusion, that their ways will prevail because it is self evident that it is the better way.

The evil capitalize on this lack of organization from the good, to constantly strike the shepherds. This has led to the downfall of projects, organizations and even entire nations. The cliche “no one is indispensable” will often be used against the argument of protecting the shepherd; without recourse to the cost of identifying a new shepherd – time, money and other valuable resources wasted!

From various definitions of a shepherd, the qualities of one include someone who tends, rears, guides, directs, leads and cares; what’s more this is done to beings who are almost oblivious of it. These are rear qualities, and if the possessor of them is not taken out, vision will be accomplished.

The shepherd is however usually vulnerable as he or she stands out. Impossible to hide. No matter how many powerful and smart people are in a room, the shepherd stands out; and this has nothing to do with organizational hierarchy. Apart from the obvious vulnerability conferred by standing out, he is also in midst of others who do not necessary wish him evil, but also do not wish him well; and while they are all preoccupied with petty ego issues, the bad guys strike. The methods employed to strike the shepherd vary from the subtle to the extreme; including set ups, so the shepherds loose their positions, a rival project poaching the shepherd, blackmail, outright elimination, and the list goes on. He who has an ear, let him him hear, because as Robert Greene states, when this happens the rest of them are easy pickings.

This strategy is so simple and effective, that the bad guys have been using it from time immemorial and will keep using it. No wishful thinking or whining will make them stop. The only way to stop them, is to protect a shepherd when you identify one. This will help collective goals to be achieved, with the shepherd nurturing others to greatness.

King Darius troubled about Daniel (King Darius almost lost a shepherd in Daniel. The name Darius means “he who holds firm the good”, and true to his name, he held on to Daniel) – Source: Wikipedia

Dr Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher