Training – Considerations for Success 6

“(6) On which side are officers and men more highly trained?” Sun Tzu (The Art of War)


“The beginning of philosophy is to know the condition of one’s own mind. If a man recognises that this is in a weakly state, he will not then want to apply it to questions of the greatest moment. As it is, men who are not fit to swallow even a morsel, buy whole treatises and try to devour them. Accordingly they either vomit them up again, or suffer from indigestion, whence come gripings, fluxions, and fevers. Whereas they should have stopped to consider their capacity.” Epictetus

In theory it is easy to convince an ignorant person: in actual life, men not only object to offer themselves to be convinced, but hate the man who has convinced them. Whereas Socrates used to say that we should never lead a life not subjected to examination. Epictetus

Dr Stella: who died on the frontlines against Ebola Virus Disease (Trivia: she attended primary school at the Corona school, Yaba, Lagos – Wikipedia)

“Moreover Uzziah had an army of fighting men who went out to war by companies, according to the number on their roll as prepared by Jeiel the scribe and Maaseiah the officer, under the hand of Hananiah, one of the king’s captains. 12 The total number of chief officers of the mighty men of valor was two thousand six hundred. 13 And under their authority was an army of three hundred and seven thousand five hundred, that made war with mighty power, to help the king against the enemy. 14 Then Uzziah prepared for them, for the entire army, shields, spears, helmets, body armor, bows, and slings to cast stones. 15 And he made devices in Jerusalem, invented by skillful men, to be on the towers and the corners, to shoot arrows and large stones. So his fame spread far and wide, for he was marvelously helped till he became strong.”

Deuteronomy 26:11-15

The officers and men in passage above demonstrated they had been highly trained by their actions, not by words. It is common these days to hear reports of xxx number of persons trained; this means nothing in reality. Xxx men attended a training, but how many actually strengthened the system? Leaders must pay attention to these details to ensure success. It is not about having favorite persons for mundane reasons, but choosing officers and men based on demonstrated capacity; and where necessary skills are deficient, build capacity.

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Military formations have a culture of inspecting guards/soldiers/officers, depending on what a unit calls its resources. This is not meant as a charade (although interesting for us civilians to watch), rather it is to inspect how well trained and ready these resources are. Hear Sun Tzu on this matter:

“Then Sun Tzu sent a messenger to the King saying: “Your soldiers, Sire, are now properly drilled and disciplined, and ready for your majesty’s inspection. They can be put to any use that their sovereign may desire; bid them go through fire and water, and they will not disobey.” Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

This Sun Tzu said after rigorously training the women in the kings palace. Read complete story in this related article:

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