Two types of people – with the General and Nigerian Philosopher!

From my experience so far in the world, I came to realise that generally and basically, there are two types of people in the world: those afraid to lose and those eager to win. The one afraid to lose tends to be reticent, laid back, unenterprising, and unadventurous. He will manufacture reasons for not attempting, or for attempting and failing. He sees more of failure than success in every endeavour. The one eager to win is the exact opposite. He recognises an opportunity and grabs it with both hands. He never says fail. But he also knows when to tactically withdraw or to go back to the drawing table to re-strategise. The urge to win must, of course, not lead to over-ambition or unwholesome conduct and relationship with others. If in the end you lose, it would not be for want of trying. You must be spiritual and philosophical about it. Remember, though, that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Playing it too safe will not get you far.” Excerpt from Olusegun Obasanjo, My Watch

Sublime words from the Nigerian Philosopher! I dub him Nigerian Philosopher not because his words of wisdom are localized for Nigeria, but in same vein we will call Socrates a Greek Philosopher.

What the Nigerian Philosopher was saying is that we must be bold and courageous, to recognize epiphany moments in our lives! Please see article on Epiphany:👉🏻/

No matter the origins we confer to philosophers, we must agree that philosophy confers world citizenship!

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We must be spiritual and philosophical! Sublime!!!

Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher