What is Love? The Simple Things – with My Son Wajim, and Samuel Okwaraji

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”

Excerpt from

1 John 4:8

The Holy Bible

New King James Version

I took my son Wajim to an occasion. I can’t even really remember when, where or what. But something happened that I never forgot.

Gifts where shared and my son was bypassed. He came to me and told me, I asked why, and at that point he was so overwhelmed with sadness and his words would not come out; while he was crying, he only spread out his hands as if to say he didn’t know why he was skipped.

Now I knew the gift was not important in the bigger scheme of things but important to his happiness, so I was heartbroken too. I comforted him somehow, I can’t remember how. I learnt a lesson that day, if we mere humans can love our children thus, how much more God? He will provide for us all we need, even if they are not important in the bigger scheme of things. That, is the definition of Love!

With my son – Wajim! Love him to bits!

On Samuel Okwaraji

He died serving the father land, in the 77th minute of a World Cup qualifying match in Lagos, in 1989. Google idolized him for a while recently to tell the story, that’s how I remembered; I was in primary school when this occurred, but I still remember that day clearly. I haven’t heard anything from Nigeria. Let’s show some love to Samuel; if he left a family behind, let’s reach out no matter how.

Samuel Okwaraji – Late Nigerian Footballer and Lawyer

Without Love Tyrants are Bred

ATHENIAN: The difficulty is to find the divine love of temperate and just institutions existing in any powerful forms of government, whether in a monarchy or oligarchy of wealth or of birth. You might as well hope to reproduce the character of Nestor, who is said to have excelled all men in the power of speech, and yet more in his temperance. This, however, according to the tradition, was in the times of Troy; in our own days there is nothing of the sort; but if such an one either has or ever shall come into being, or is now among us, blessed is he and blessed are they who hear the wise words that flow from his lips. And this may be said of power in general: When the supreme power in man coincides with the greatest wisdom and temperance, then the best laws and the best constitution come into being; but in no other way.”

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But if states are to be named after their rulers, the true state ought to be called by the name of the God who rules over wise men.”

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Watch this space for the article: Tyranny…

Dr Ande Elisha

The Amateur Philosopher